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Herdade do Guedelha


TT and off road
4X4 and off road
Quad Cycle riding
Quad Bike riding
Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding


The manor house of the Herdade do Guedelha affords a large indoor room and a spacious terrace that may accommodate each more than a hundred guests.

Air conditioning and a large fireplace make the spaces comfortable both in summer and in winter.

Meals for the hosted groups may be provided: it may be an ideal occasion for leisurely enjoying a rich and characteristic regional cooking.

The isolation of the manor house provides for a secluded and serene atmosphere that fosters conviviality. Otherwise, in case it is really party time, there are no neighbours to be afraid of bothering.


The Herdade do Guedelha organizes nature walks and bicycle rides. For the more traditional adventurer, horse and carriage rides are available. Through previous arrangement, motorized small-group tourist visits to the nearby region are possible.

The Herdade do Guedelha belongs to an associative hunting area, that will become shortly a touristic hunting area. Hunting groups are welcome.