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Herdade do Guedelha

Our olive oil

Two millennia after the Romans, the Portuguese are proud to keep an old Mediterranean tradition alive, burnishing it with some state of the art complements. Thereby, the highest quality standards are assured, giving renown to the Moura olive oil.

The fact that olive oil is a natural fat that is traditionally at the base of the Mediterranean cuisine, one of the most versatile and healthy diets in the World, gives to the olive oil producer or trader the personal reward of contributing to promote higher public health standards.

Bottle of Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil's brand
Olive tree
Olive tree and growing olives

There is a dense network of presses in the region, that make possible speedy circuits from the olive groves to the presses, contributing to the excellence of the demarcated region of Moura olive oil.

The olive oil that we commercialize is of top quality, with a remarkably low acidity degree (less than 0.3%) and with outstanding organoleptic properties.

Traditionally, it is ideal as a staple of standard Mediterranean cuisine. For the more innovative cuisines, top quality olive oil is becoming a favorite, providing a distinctive «gourmet touch».